About Diane Doiron

Diane's personal journey of overcoming back and neck pain led me to study tai chi and qigong.

Diane Doiron

Diane feels fortunate to have learned these techniques, they have helped her control and alleviate her pain. Now, being able to teach these methods to others and to see the impact on their lives, provides her with a great deal of personal satisfaction. Diane offers tai chi and qigong sessions at various locations in the greater Brunswick area. Her classes consist of gentle movements, intended to strengthen bodies and provide greater flexibility.

Diane incorporates self-massage to help soften tight muscles and stimulate reflex points. Students meditate and use breathing work to help induce a healing state, which enhances their body's ability to heal. All of Diane's tai chi and qigong practices are short forms, can be performed either while sitting or standing, and are simple for the participants to learn.

Diane started her study of tai chi and qigong in 2005 when she was looking for some relief from lower back pain. After consulting with her chiropractor, physician, and massage therapist she was guided to try either yoga or tai chi. Not viewing herself as having a flexible body, she decided to try tai chi. After just three sessions her chiropractor was amazed at the difference. She could feel in her body a sense of relief from her lower back pain and she found herself moving through life with greater ease.

After three years of practice Diane felt called to further her training so that she could help others. She chose to become a certified integral qigong and tai chi teacher through the Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi with Dr. Roger Jahnke, O.M.D. She gravitated toward his mission of encouraging people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds to accept responsibility for their own personal health. His tai chi and qigong forms are easy and enjoyable, yet the physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits are profound. More recently Diane has attended training sessions with Masters Yang Jun, Li Junfeng, Ken Cohen, Terry Dunn and Mike Shunney.

Diane finds she is a different person after her own personal practice. She feels relaxed, energized, pain-free, empowered and ready to face the day ahead. She also sleeps better if she does a few minutes of practice before bed. The movements calm her nervous system and relax her muscles making for a better night's sleep. Diane wants to assist others in their search for greater health through her classes which she holds in the Brunswick, Maine area.


Robert P: As soon as I began taking Diane Doiron's Tai Chi Easy ™ classes and practicing the routines at home, I got beneficial results. I felt less lower back pain, I slept better, I walked better, and I breathed better. My senses seemed cleared and brighter. I found the routines so relaxing and fulfilling that I even found myself eating less and losing some weight. Beyond these more personal benefits, Diane's teaching style provides for students a friendly, pleasant social time together as they learn tai chi. In Diane's course, I have found for the first time ever an exercise program I look forward to doing, day in and day out. I recommend it to anyone, at any stage of life: it works.

Ann P: It's well-known that practicing tai chi improves a person's balance, breathing, and leg strength -- three things that are important at any age. From my own experience, doing Tai Chi Easy ™ has made climbing stairs, bending, and reaching easier for me. I always leave Diane's classes feeling both invigorated and pleasantly relaxed. Having the DVD at home encourages me to work on the form several times a week, which I might not do otherwise. Diane's instructions are very easy to follow.

Paulette O: Diane Doiron's Qigong and Tai Chi classes help me relax and keep me limber. Some of my most creative thinking happens in her classes.

Kathy S: Diane is an amazing teacher, and she makes learning fun and easy. When practicing what I have learned I am able to calm both body and mind, achieving a stress-free state